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Darrell Newkirk, Abyssinian Breed Council Secretary

12 Hill Dr

Fairview Heights, IL 62208

Voice/Fax: (618) 397-3908

E-Mail: AbyBCS@aol.com

Abyssinian Breed Council URL: http://www.AbyssinianBC.org

The Wyndham Franklin Plaza hotel, Philadelphia, PA was the site selected by CFA's Region 1 for the 1998 CFA Annual meetings. It was fun renewing friendships with our fellow Abyssinian breeders and exhibitors from the United States, Japan and the International Division.

Abyssinian Breed Presentation at the Judges Workshop

The judges in attendance at the CFA Annual meeting held in San Diego California voted for a breed presentation by the Abyssinian, Egypian Mau and Somali breed councils for the 1998 Judge's Workshop. Kim Everett appointed Carolyn Osier and Hilary Helmrich to be in charge of the Abyssinian breed presentation. Due to time constraints of a new job and taking on the Presidency of the Winn Foundation, Hilary bowed out of this commitment in November. Carolyn and Hilary had decided to focus on the "structure" aspect of our breed standard for the presentation at the Judge's Workshop. A Powerpoint presentation was used to deliver our message to the judges at the workshop. Although some in attendance were critical of the drawings used in the presentation, we tried to put forth a presentation that was educational and demonstrative of the faults that may occur from time to time on Abyssinian exhibits. If I am able to improve upon these drawing, I plan to exhibit the Abyssinian Breed presentation on the Abyssinian Breed Council website.

Abyssinian Breed Council Breakfast Meeting

After the breakfast, Hallelujah! no chicken!, we proceeded to the business portion of the meeting. First on the agenda was the presentation to the Top 10 Kittens, Cats in Premiership, and Cats in Championship. Each was presented with an Awards Booklet, Certificate and Rosette. The production of this year's awards booklet was the result of a generous donation by Mimi (Eaton) Cat. Mimi donated a set of custom made cage drapes that were raffled at the conclusion of this years Abyssinian Breed Council Breakfast. A big thank you to Mimi for her generosity.

Regina Shaffer was in charge of producing the 1998 Abyssinian awards booklet. The cover of this years booklet was done in color and featured the Best Abyssinian Kitten, Cat and Premiership cats. Our awards booklet received many compliments during the Business meeting Saturday. Regina's hard work and dedication to making this a successful production paid off handsomely. Thank you, Regina.  

Thanks to Dana Ling who was in charge of the Rosettes this year. The awards certificates were in an Egyptian motif and complimented the Rosettes and Awards Booklets nicely.


CFA's 1997-1998 Top 10 Abyssinian Kittens

 Best GC, NW Tinbats Morgan's Passing Ruddy Male

Br/Ow: Reg/Lynn Martin

2nd GC, RW Biraby's X'ile Ruddy Male

Br/Ow: Deborah Todd

3rd GC, RW Bogeykats Ryan O'Rourke Ruddy Male

Br/Ow: Jim/Carole Barkley

4th GC, RW Devande's Beta Maxx Ruddy Male

Br: J/S Vande Sande/M Zehnder Ow: Sue Vande Sande - Monica Zehnder

5th GC Veraine's Cherry Supreme Red Female

Br/Ow: Lorraine Jensen

6th GC Clarion's Arctic Fox Blue Male

Br: K/R Helmrich - Ada Demmler Ow: Karen/Ralph Helmrich

7th GC Krydda Pepparmint of Catykes Ruddy Female

Br: Clinton/Deborah Stewart-Parker Ow: C/L Schmidt and C/D Parker

8th GC Starcats Star Chaser Red Male

Br: Regina Shaffer Ow: Regina Shaffer and Carol McGrath

9th Ch, RW Licca Sweet Hanako Ruddy Female

Br: Rika Yotsumata Ow: Takao Katsuyama

10th GC, RW Dearada's Ladybird Blue Female

Br/Ow: Ada Demmler


CFA's 1997-1998 Top 10 Abyssinian Cats in Championship


Best GC, NW Instincts Klein Bonaire Ruddy Male

Br: Chris Giammarinaro Ow: Lynn Search and Chris Giammarinaro

2nd GG, NW Gulfco's Sweet Talkin' Guy of Alexy Ruddy Male

Br: Bruce Alexy and Tom Berninger Ow: Bruce Alexy

3rd GC, RW Bogeykats P.J. Ruddy Male

Br/Ow: Jim/Carole Barkley

4th GC, RW Purssynian Aux Delices of Azurestar Blue Female

Br: Beth/Darrell Newkirk Ow: Adrienne/Jim Jackson

5th GC, RW Abyla Rhett Bulter Ruddy Male

Br/Ow: Carol Ann McGrath

6th GC, RW Biraby's X'ile Ruddy Male

Br/Ow: Deborah Todd

7th GC, RW Zapzkatz Harvard Ruddy Male

Br: J/M Ammons and Carolyn Osier (Lessee) Ow: Marsha Zapp Ammons

8th GC, RW Rylos Phantom-of-the-Opera of 8Moon Ruddy Male

Br: Robert Libott Ow: Jeanne Delahaye

9th GC, RW Dearada's Ladybird Blue Female

Br/Ow: Ada Demmler

10th GC, RW Zzaby's Cigar Ruddy Male

Br/Ow: Karyn Dillard


CFA's 1997-1998 Top 10 Abyssinian Cats in Premiership


Best GP, NW Wil-O-Glen's Exeter of Zapzkata Ruddy Neuter

Br: Carolyn Osier - Lessee Ow: John/Marsha Zapp Ammons

2nd GP, RW Teela's Lars Ruddy Neuter

Br/Ow: Steve and Lorri Oreolt

3rd GP, RW Clarion's Impatient Heart of Gatita Ruddy Spay

Br: Karen/Ralph Helmrich Ow: Kimberly and Teresa Mitchell

4th GP, RW Whistful Alagoz Red Neuter

Br/Ow: Bill/Michele Whiston

5th Ch, GP, RW Abyla Laser Spark of Classicolors Ruddy Neuter

Br: Carol McGrath Ow: Carol McGrath and Sue Coram

6th GP Toepads Hipster Rufus Ruddy Neuter

Br/Ow: Susan Dixon

7th GP, RW Coyotecat's Major Red Neuter

Br/Ow: Wylie/Ramona Tirey

8th Ch, GP, RW Starcats Redd Sun Red Neuter

Br: Regina Shaffer Ow: Regina Shaffer and Carol Mcgrath

9th GP, RW Dimends Camelot Fawn Neuter

Br: Diane/Jerry Mendoza Ow: Diane Mendoza

10th Ch,GP,RW Zzaby Egyptian Flame of Kayceekats Red Neuter

Br: Karyn Dillard Ow: Kitty Dieterich and Karyn Dillard


Congratulations to all these Cats and their breeders and owners.


1997-1998 Distinguished Merit Abyssinians

10 Abyssinians achieved the coveted title of Distinguished Merit during the 1997-1998 show Season. Congratulations to the breeders and owners of our new DMs.

 GC Abyla's Incandescence, DM Br/Ow: Carol McGrath

GC Chatbeaux's Fauve Cerise, DM Br: Janet Johnson Ow: Rebecca Robinson/Don Bulloch

GC Clarion's Mosaic, DM Br/Ow: Ralph/Karen Helmrich

GC Coyotecat's Dreamcatcher, DM Br/Ow: Wylie/Ramona Tirey

Ch, GP Ironhill Showcase Talk O' The Town, DM Br: Mary McCormack Ow: Sonja Duke

Ch Ironhill The American Dream, DM Br/Ow: Mary McCormack

Ch Karyo Kattrina of Sardius, DM Br: Karen Sellers Ow: Karen Sellers/Linda Petersen

Ch Seagrey's Reatta of Diva, DM Br: D. Lujan, E Yurchick, J Ardrey Ow: Stephanie Hale

Ch Shalaron Lady In The Dark of Rylos, DM Br: Sharon/Bob Libott Ow: Bob Libott

GC Shomra's Solitaire, DM Br: Helen/Carrie Huzar Ow: Carrie Huzar


There was a prolonged discussion about the pro and cons for maintaining versus eliminating the 360 designator for Ruddy and Red Abyssinians that have dilutes in their pedigrees. Bruce Alexy brought this item forward at the 1997 Breed Council breakfast and we have had many opportunities to discuss this item. One of the questions on this years Abyssinian breed poll with ask if we want to continue the use of the 360 designator for Ruddy and Red Abys that have dilute in their lineage.

 The next item on the agenda was whether we should add to the penalty section of our breed standard the following clause: penalize for white undercoats on Blue and Fawn Abyssinians. This was discussed during the prior Breed Council administration and was renewed at the Breed Council meeting held at last years International show. This item will also appear on this years Breed council poll.

 Joan Miller, Director at Large, gave us an update and informed the Breed Council members of the work being done by Dr. Erik Gruys (Netherlands) on Amyloidosis in Abyssinians and other breeds of cats (Siamese, Exotic, Oriental type and the Cheetah). Professor Gruys has researched amyloids in other species as well. His group has studied amyloid deposition in horses, birds and chickens. Dr. Gruys attended the Univeristy of Pennsylvian's Genetics Conference. He presented his abstract on Amyloidosis at that meeting and it will be published by the Univerisity of Penn some time in the future. I have e-mailed Dr. Gruys and have asked for a copy of the abstract. As soon I as receive it I plan to post it on the Abyssinian Breed Council Website.

 Breed Council member Mimi Cary will be our guest speaker at the Breed Council meeting held during the 1998 CFA International show in Kansas City, MO on November 21-23, 1998. Please mark your calendars. Mimi will be speaking on feeding a diet other than that of the commercial variety. Mimi has had a great deal of experience in this area and possesses a great deal of knowledge. I was very pleased when she agreed to accept this assignment and share that knowledge with the Abyssinian Breed Council members. I asked Mimi is she would take a few volunteers around the country and guide them in the nutritional plan she will discuss with us and have those people report the results witnessed using the natural diet under Mimi's direction. We look forward to this topic of discussion at the next Breed Council meeting.

 Toward the end of the meeting the drawing for the cage drapes was held and as previously reported, the winner was Chris Giammarinaro. Chris has donated the drapes back to the Breed Council to so that they can be raffled to offset the cost of producing the 1998-1999 Awards Booklet. Additionally, Kim Everett has volunteered to pay for the 1998-1999 rosettes to be awarded to the Top 10 Abyssinians winners in the Kitten , Adult and Premiership classes. We are very appreciative to Kim and Chris for these generous donations to the Abyssinian Breed Council.

 As a final comment before we adjourned the meeting, I announced to those members present that I would not be running for reelection for the position of Abyssinian Breed Council Secretary for the upcoming term. Many factors were taken into consideration to arrive at that decision, but the primary factor is time, or lack there of. The deadline for candidates to file for office was August 3, 1998. The only declared candidate for the position of BCS is Norman Auspitz. I will work with Norm to make sure that there is a smooth and orderly transition when he assumes the chair as Council Secretary. I have enjoyed my term as your council secretary and wish to thank each of you for your patience and help during this time. It has been educational, as well as a pleasure.


The 1998 CFA Annual Awards Banquet

 Four Abyssinians received the title of National Winner at the CFA Awards banquet on Saturday night. Congratulations to their owners and breeders.


2nd Best National Kitten:

GC, NW Tinbats Morgan's Passing Ruddy Male

Br/Ow: Reg/Lynn Martin


 9th Best Cat in Championship

GC, NW Instincts Klein Bonaire Ruddy Male

Br: Chris Giammarinaro Ow: Lynn Search and Chris Giammarinaro


16th Best Cat in Championship

GG, NW Gulfco's Sweet Talkin' Guy of Alexy Ruddy Male

Br: Bruce Alexy and Tom Berninger Ow: Bruce Alexy


16th Best Cat in Premiership

GP, NW Wil-O-Glen's Exeter of Zapzkatz Ruddy Neuter

Br: Carolyn Osier - Lessee Ow: John/Marsha Zapp Ammons


1998 CFA International Show

The 1998 CFA International show will be held in Kansas City, MO at the H. Roe Bartle Hall. There will be an Abyssinian Breed Council meeting on Friday night between the hours of 6-10PM. Please check at the show hotel (the KC Marriott) for the location and time of this meeting. Mimi Cary has asked to delay her talk on Feline diets until the June 1999 Abyssinian Breed Council meeting. Mimi is very active in fighting coercive animal legislation in her area at the present time and is concentrating her thoughts and effort in that vein.

In place of Mimi's presentation, we will have a round table discussion on the establishment and building of an Abyssinian breeding program. I would like to have 5 volunteers to serve on this panel. You can participate in this presentation by submitting 1-2 questions that will be directed to this panel. If you are interested in participating on the panel, please let me know. I would like for the panelists to have a minimum of 10 years breeding experience. Questions for the panelist should be returned to me by November 1 in order that to compile and sort the questions. I look forward to seeing everyone at the International show this year.

Respectfully submitted,
Darrell Newkirk
Abyssinian Breed Council Secretary

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