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January 1997

Darrell Newkirk

Abyssinian Breed Council Secretary

Voice/Fax 618-397-3908

E-mail address: Cootieblue@aol.com



This issue will update you on: the recent election results and the results of the Abyssinian Breed Council responses to the CFA 1996 Breed Council Survey in regard to the Breed Definition Committee Report. Enclosed you will find a Breed Council Questionnaire. I am asking you to complete and return it to me at your earliest convenience. I have set up a data base for Abyssinian Breed Council members and would like to make it as complete as possible. I hope you will take a few minutes of your time to complete the form and return it to me by fax, email, or by U.S. Mail.

Election and Breed Council Poll Results:

For the office of Breed Council Secretary:

Darrell Newkirk: 60 - elected
Gene Rankin: 52

For the 1996 Breed Council Poll:

Total Members: 140 Ballots Received:116 60% of Voting: 70

The results of this ballot item will be advisory only to the CFA Board of Directors

Shall the present requirements of an 8 generation certified pedigree to transfer cats from another registry be retained or modified?

27 1. Retain the requirement of an 8 generation certified pedigree to transfer a cat from another registry.

34 2. Require a 5 generation certified pedigree and copies of certified pedigrees sufficient to disclose 8 generations in total to transfer a cat from another registry.

55 3. Return to the prior requirement of a 5 generation certified pedigree only, without a requirement of further disclosure.

If you would like a copy of the ballot results, please forward a SASE. It is my understanding that the 5 vs 8 generation pedigree requirement does not require the 60% majority to be considered by the CFA Board of Directors, as do issues concerning proposed changes to the breed standards. I will update you regarding the Board's action, if any, on this matter.

CFA 1996 Breed Council Survey Results:

The Abyssinian Breed Council Survey report is enclosed for your review. I have included the "all those responding" tallies along with the results and responses from the Abyssinian Council members. The CFA Board of Directors will be meeting with the Breed Council secretaries during the Annual Meetings on Thursday between 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM. If there are any issues you feel the Board should address, please put them in writing and send them to me at least a month prior to the meeting.

1997 CFA Annual Meeting:

The 1997 CFA Annual and Board Meetings will be held on June 25-29 at the Registry Resort in Naples, Florida. I received a letter from Allene Tartaglia in regard to making arrangements for the Abyssinian Breed Council meeting. Allene and I have arranged our meeting time and it is scheduled for 7AM on Saturday June 27. The cost of the breakfast will be $12.50 and includes: orange juice, scrambled eggs, potatoes, bacon, pastries, and coffee/decaf/tea. If the business of CFA is concluded on Friday, we have the option of moving our breakfast meeting to 9AM. However, Allene said that determination would have to be made late Friday. All prices include tax and service charge. I hope you plan to attend the Breed Council breakfast as we will be doing something a bit different this year. I plan to produce a booklet with the top 10 Abyssinians placing nationally in the kitten, championship and premiership categories. Thanks to Martha Auspitz for suggesting the idea for awarding rosettes to the top winners and also her suggestion of contacting the Breed Clubs for a donation to cover the expenses for the rosettes. I will be contacting the Breed clubs in the very near future to solicit a donation of $25.00 to defray the costs of the rosettes. If your cat is racking up the points toward a regional or national win, please send a picture so it can be scanned and included in the parade of winning Abyssinians. I will need to have your pictures in my hands no later than May 15.

Breed Council Questionnaire:

I would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to complete the enclosed questionnaire. I will be using this information to update my database of all the breed council members. Many of you will have received this newsletter via email. I will add those Council members that are on-line to my email list as I receive your addresses.

Abyssinian Breed Executive Committee:

The Breed Executive Committee will be created to assist and advise me on issues that are submitted by council members. I plan to select a complement of 8 people to accomplish this task. I will be appointing those members who are willing to serve in that capacity, based on the criteria delineated on the Breed Council Questionnaire.

Feline Genome Project:

Leslie A. Lyons, Ph.D., a geneticist, is currently working in the Laboratory of Genomic Diversity at the National Cancer Institute. Those members and Aby breeders who attended the informal Abyssinian Breed Council meeting at the International Show in Anaheim, CA had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Lyons speak on genetic mapping. Dr. Lyons has agreed to speak at our Abyssinian Breed council breakfast meeting. She will be updating us on the progress of the Genomic project research. Dr. Lyons has asked for our help with her research project. She needs the Aby breeders help in collecting the blood samples necessary for her to conduct her research. Approximately 10cc of blood is needed from each Abyssinian to be included in the research. She would like to include 25 males and 25 females in the project. The targeted group of cats include, Distinquished Merit cats, the Bests of Breed (top 3-5 cats) from the last 2-3 years, and cats that are prolific producers (cats on their way to DM status). This research cannot be completed unless we get our cats to the vet and get these blood samples to Dr. Lyons. The NCI will pay for the collection and shipment of the samples. Everyone should get out their issue of the December Almanac and read Dr. Lyons article The Feline Genome Project and Its Relevance to the Cat Fanciers on page 88. Instructions on sending blood samples are included at the end of the article. If you have a DM, Best or 2nd Best of Breed Aby, or an Aby close to achieving DM status, please get your cat to your Vet and get those blood samples drawn. Dr. Lyons needs the samples in order to conduct her research. She informed me that the products of the blood samples will be mapped when she has received all the samples. The diseases that are affecting our cats haven't taken a holiday, and neither can we. Let the Aby breeders be the trend setters, not the followers. Dr. Lyons informed me that she has received the blood sample from GC,NW Cinna's Jack Daniels!!

You, or your vet, can get directions for drawing and sending blood samples from the NCI at 301-846-1299. Dr. Lyon's email address is:Lyons@FCRFV1.NCIFCRF.GOV. Lorna Burke Malinen volunteered to coordinate the collection of the blood samples for the Abyssinian breed. She will be able to answer any questions you have in regard to collection and transporting the blood samples to the NCI. Lorna can be contacted at 503-649-6298.

1996 CFA International Show:

The 1996 CFA International show was held in Anaheim, California at the Anaheim Convention Center on November 15-17. The Abyssinian breed was very well represented again this year. There were 114 Abyssinians entered at the show - 53 kittens, 44 entries in Championship, and 17 entries in Premiership. No other breed or division of breed came close to the Abyssinian count.

Kitten entry break down: 30 Ruddy (13m, 17f), 10 Red (6m, 4f), 7 Blue (3m, 4f) and 6 Fawn (3ea).

Championship entry break down: 22 Ruddy (14m, 8f), 13 Red (6m, 7f), 4 Blue (2ea), and 5 Fawn (3m, 2f).

Premiership entry break down: 6 Ruddy (5n, 1s), 4 Red (3n, 1s), 5 Blue (3n, 2s), and 2 Fawn (2n).

Highest Scoring Abyssinian Kitten: CHEETARA'S KATIE BAR THE DOOR, Ruddy Female, Breeder/Owner: Greg and Susan Baker, League City, Texas.

Highest Scoring Abyssinian in Championship: DOLAGON'S DARI OF AQUAPOLI, Red Male GRC, Breeder: Michiko Aizawa. Owner: Michiko Aizawa and Mutsumi Funada, Japan.

Highest Scoring Abyssinian in Premeirship: EECATL FELONY, Ruddy Spay GRP, Breeder/Owner: John & Cynthia McHenry and Nancy Burchick, Wilmington, Delaware.

Congratulations to these three top scoring Abyssinians and to all those who competed at the show. Top 5 Bests of Breed were awarded in all three categories of competition.

The new Abyssinian Breed booth was on display at the International show. A special thank you to Lorna Burke Malinen whose efforts made this magnificent display a reality. And a very big THANK YOU to all the breeders, council members, judges, and Aby breed clubs, for it was your generous donations that made this breed booth possible.

The 1997 CFA International show is planned for November 21-23 in Atlanta, Georgia. Hope to see you there.

There has been talk recently on the internet in regard to the method of qualifying for the International show. If you have an opinion please jot it down and forward your thoughts to me. I would appreciate your input, so that I may present your opinions to those who are interested and have the potential to effect a change in the method of regional qualification for the International Show.

Final thoughts:

I am very pleased that you have elected me as your Breed Council Secretary for the upcoming two year term. I plan to keep in contact with you on a regular basis. My plan is to send a newsletter after each of the February and June Board Meetings and a final newsletter for the year after the International show. Good luck in your breeding programs. I look forward to see you at a future CFA cat show.

Darrell Newkirk
Abyssinian BCS

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