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Abyssinian Breed Council Newsletter - May 2002

Norm Auspitz, Abyssinian Breed Council Secretary
1110 Lodge Hill Rd.
Louisville, KY 40223-5510
Home: (502) 244-6133
E-Mail: BC-Secretary@AbyssinianBC.org

Abyssinian Breed Council URL: http://www.AbyssinianBC.org

To the Abyssinian Breed Council, as we are only allowed 2 mailings per year, and the last mailing we did was taken up with the poll (results herein), so this is the first newsletter I have had out in a year. I am getting this out in anticipation of the CFA Annual Meeting in Scottsdale, AZ. There are a number of items I want to cover herein: (1) recap of the results of the Abyssinian Breed Council meetings at the Pittsburgh, PA annual in June, 2001 and at the Houston International show in November, 2001 (2) announcement and suggested agenda for our usual breed council meeting at the annual, (3) Information on a new drug used in humans to attack amyloid protein clumps and (4) the results of the Abyssinian Breed Council poll on European shows and AOV's in Abyssinians.

We mourn the deaths of a number of people. This year we have lost Leta Williams (who did breed a litter of Abyssinians), Reg Martin of Tinbats cattery, and Ada Demmler of Dearada cattery. It has been a sad, sad year. We need to reflect on the contributions these folks have made to our breed and that their loss has produced an empty spot in all of our hearts.

This past week also heralded a desperate fight on California bill SB1373, a bill whose unwritten objectives are to destroy hobby breeders of cats and dogs in California. The feeling was that the AR'ists thought it would be a walk in the park. However, through much pressure, especially at the last minute by cat and dog breeders amongst others, the Bill was almost defeated. It is only being kept alive by political wrangling and unusual waivers of California Senate rules. Please, especially if you live in California, check with Joan Miller about what you can do to keep the pressure on to help defeat this nasty piece of legislation.

Also, we would like to make the Aby breed winner booklets and awards more self sufficient. Thus, we will once again be charging people $10.00 per booklet. We continue to have support from people like Lynn Search, who has donated our full color booklet cover, and Kim Everett, who has donated our rosettes, and people like yourself who have also donated funds to help make our Abyssinian Award celebration self sufficient. Regina Shaffer has done a great job organizing and going after photos of our beautiful cats. Dana Taddei continues to create gorgeous award rosettes.

If you have not yet made your reservations for our Saturday breed council luncheon, please contact Allent Tartaglia, as we usually fill! If you do not want to eat, but still want to come to the breed council meeting, you are most welcome. It will be at noon on Saturday.

This year will be Edna Field's last year behind the judging table. She is due to end her judging career where it started 40 years ago in Buffalo, NY in November. To show our gratitude for Edna's contribution to the Abyssinian breed, the CFA judging program, and CFA, we are dedicating this year's booklet to Edna.

I look forward to meeting folks I have not yet met and renewing old acquaintances this year in Scottsdale at the Annual!

Respectfully submitted
Norman Auspitz, Abyssinian BCS

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